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Full solution provider

Vision Office Solutions is a “full solution” provider of the industry’s most advanced products. We can provide digital connected copying systems, printers, scanners, duplicators, fax, and document storage products. Our office solutions are what your business needs to move your business forward. Our main product line Lanier (a Ricoh product) not only offers the latest technology, but is also the industry’s most environmentally friendly. There are currently three facilities where Lanier products are manufactured that have achieved 100% resource recovery, which means that all waste is recycled without sending anything to landfills.

Founded in 1983 on the basis of “service first” with the idea that if we pay attention to “lifespan of equipment” business owners would appreciate the savings incurred by making their machines last longer. While the company’s product and service offerings have changed considerably to accommodate the needs of our customers, our commitment to superior service has remained the same. We still continue to offer value-added products and services and you can always count on us to ensure your satisfaction.


Customer oriented service

We strive to view the sales process as you do, seeking to exceed your goals. We hope to be reasonable people with reasonable prices for all methods of installing copiers, color multifunction machines, computer network systems and servers. We offer:

  • Rental-true interchangeable rental program
  • No additional fees or installation charges
  • Just first and last payment down and we do the rest
  • Complete multifunction systems for as little as $99/month
  • Lease return models – we offer this line to ensure the lowest priced option in this field, including our 5-year replacement guarantee.
  • Our warranty is the unconditional replacement for anything we sell, rent, or lease.
  • We offer the most popular color multifunction copier on the market, and it’s affordable.
  • The Ricoh MPC series is available in all speeds and sizes

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